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dome_croppedThe Orthodox Fellowship of the Transfiguration (OFT) exists to hallow God’s Name “on earth as it is in heaven” by seeking the transfiguration of creation through the activation of the Christian calling toward transfigured life. In the context of the liturgical life of the Church, the OFT seeks to help extend the transfiguring activity of the sacraments into all creation through ascetic practice, the keeping of the commandments, and the acquisition of virtue, thus restoring the beauty and integrity of God’s earthly temple. Find out more . . .

We cordially invite you to explore our website, and humbly ask you to offer us feedback on how it succeeds and how it can be made better.


The film’s website can be found at www.faceofgodfilm.com .

Fr. John Kaleeg Hainsworth and the film crew are hard at work and regularly posting updates on social media about their adventures and progress in making the film. Check out the film’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages for more updates.

The film is in edit and the expected launch is now May 2020. Please reach out if your parish in interested in screening the film!