The Medical and Health Implications of Climate Change

The members of the Orthodox Fellowship of the Transfiguration (OFT) gladly invite you to view a replay of the webinar on the medical and psychological implications of climate change they recently held.

This is an important topic. Climate change is increasingly coming upon us and our whole world. Dr. James Hansen, former director of NASA, says, “Between now and 2040, the rate of “climate warming will double…”. So will the impacts on Orthodox parishes and especially young people – as well as all society. Are you prepared for these changes? For anyone who studies the science, the scientific evidence of global climate change is clear and overwhelming.

As Orthodox Christians we have a responsibility to care for God’s creation and to understand the challenges coming upon us so that we can take appropriate action. This means, as the U.S. Orthodox bishops presciently observed in their climate declaration in 2007,

“We must… learn all that we can about the emerging situation of climate change. We must set an example in the way that we choose to live, reaching out and informing others about this threat.”

With this background, the OFT is presented a national webinar back on February 22, 2022 with psychiatrist Dr. Lise Van Susteren, MD, who is a national and world expert on the medical and psychological effects of climate change, and particularly on how it is already affecting young people.

Please feel free to share this video with others and may it be edifying to the Glory of God!